Quail Hill

Quail Hill is a wonderful family epic with a fascinating story that illuminates two centuries of American history and culture.”  -Alan Rinzler

How did we ever get here—all of us women with our careers and educations? How did our great-grandmothers, women with few rights and little power, spawn us? What changes in the political, social and spiritual environments have allowed us to become who we are?

Quail Hill is the multi-generational story of a New Hampshire family, centering on the lives of two remarkable women: Libby, born in 1850, and her great-granddaughter Becca, born in 1940.

Though separated by time, social attitudes, and the upheavals of history, the women share more than genes and family traditions. Libby and Becca—both bright and strong-willed—strive to integrate the physical, intellectual and spiritual facets of their lives within the constraints of their times, encountering joy and tragedy in equal measure.

Each woman works to find her authentic voice, her self-within-history.  Their stories intertwine as they journey over the shifting tectonic plates of historical, cultural and spiritual change.

“Atcheson gets it!  Quail Hill shows that, while the choices now available for women are challenging, when we search, we discover we’ve inherited the strengths we need.”  -Diane C. Thompson